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Russian actor ‘punched in the face’ a Crimean Tatars

Russian actor ‘punched in the face’ a Crimean Tatars sitemize 24 Ağustos 2013 tarihinde eklenmiş ve 936 kişi tarafından ziyaret edilmiş.
 Russian actor ‘punched in the face’ a Crimean Tatars

Russian actor ‘punched in the face’ a Crimean Tatar

SIMFE Scandalous Russian actor Alexey Panin, when got into a car accident in Crimea, “gave a little punch in the face” to another accident participant, who turned out to be a Crimean Tatar. 

In media interviews Panin made disrespectful statements about the driver whom he had assaulted, calling him a “Tatar boy” and saying he had “punched him in the face a little.”

The accident took place on August 21 in Alushta (Crimea). According to witnesses, Fiat 500, in which the actor was a passenger, rolled backwards and hit the front of Chevrolet Aveo, driven by a Crimean resident. After emotional conversation with the driver of another car the actor got into his car and drove away without waiting for traffic police.

Criminal proceedings were opened according article 125 of the Criminal code of Ukraine- on intentional minor injury, informed press service of the chief department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Crimea.

‘Segodnya’ newspaper cites Panin, “A Tatar guy drove into our rear bumper and wanted to make some money out of it. There was no accident…. There are Crimean Tatars, who came back to Crimea and work hard trying to be people of culture. But there are **** whom Stalin hadn’t finished off in 1944. But this has nothing to do with all Crimean Tatars; I am talking about a particular person.”

At the same time, the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine resents Panin’s statement that “Crimea is not Ukraine”, which he made when commenting the accident.

To the question whether he is afraid to be recognized persona non grata in Ukraine, Panin said, “Am I really in Ukraine? I am not in Ukraine, I am in Crimea. Ask any Crimean whether he considers himself a Ukrainian. Have you ever seen a Crimean who loves Ukraine? I have a lot of friends- Crimeans, and none of them considers himself a Ukrainian”.

“We believe that the police should not only take necessary measures regarding the accident, but also give assessment to his absolutely absurd statements that ‘he is in Crimea, not Ukraine’”, said head of department of information policy of the Ministry of External Affaris of Ukraine Evgeniy Perebiynis.

Meanwhile, before his performance in Kerch (Crimea), Panin apologized before Crimean Tatars.

“I apologize. I was misunderstood. It’s just the Crimean Tatar conducted himself inappropriately. So, I said Tatars… But it doesn’t apply to all Crimean Tatars. This has to do with inappropriate behavior. I can say the same thing about Russians who have no culture,” said Panin.

According to Consul General of Russian Federation in Crimea Vyacheslav Svyatlichniy, actions of Alexey Panin were very rude and unworthy of a Russian actor.

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